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Renewable Energy Drone Surveys & Drone Inspection

Motus Imaging Solutions provides drone data on proposed sites for pre-installation site inspections all the way through a build project and then on to subsequent asset inspections, giving our customers an outstanding end to end service. 

Drone Solar Panel & Asset Inspection

Solar Asset inspection

Drone surveys and drone aerial inspections of solar panels & associated assets can provide valuable insights and data at all points on the value chain, from solar panel pre-installation to solar panel installation, right through to solar asset management and maintenance.

Solar asset inspections are essential in maintaining a viable working energy system. We provide exceptional quality aerial data to the commercial and residential sectors.

Solar PV Asset Inspection by Air Drone

We then take that data one step further;


using our aerial intelligence platform, remote operators can upload drone data and images to our cloud-based system; Motus Air Analytics, which automates the identification of PV asset issues 

The AI Platform then cross references the uploaded imagery against thousands of terabytes of data, flagging issues. The result is faster, systematic analysis

Aerial Assessments Can:

  • Maximise the margin on your solar asset installations via an aerial survey, by reaching inaccessible areas during the quotation phase, to identify issues and hazards

  • Reduce costs during contract tendering and ensure contract appropriately priced relative to the complexity of the installation process

Digital imaging

Hotspots indicate a higher temperature and a potentially damaged PV panel and needs to be checked

  • ​Maximise the works planning process; manage costs within contract margins; reduce machine and manpower idle time, prevent repeat visits due to incorrect works planning


  • Enable selection of appropriately skilled staff and equipment for specific works conditions​​

Digital imaging

String Out

Hot Cells

Hot Junction Boxes

  • Schedule periodic follow-up assessment for clients as part of their asset management program. This could be a source of repeat revenue as well as elevating your value proposition to your clients. These follow up assessments also help future proof your business strategy, as your business will be in position to offer repairs during the asset lifecycle or replacement at end of lifecycle

Drone inspection

Commercial & Residential Solar Inspections & Surveys

drone roof inspeection

​We can assist with Aerial Inspection or Survey prior to and post installation, in both commercial and residential settings:

  • Roof inspection; structural concerns or problems identified, access points identified prior to installation and/or maintenance

  • Storm damage

  • Rack shifts

  • Vegetation encroachment

  • Thermal & high-resolution imaging  identify hot spots, cracks and  potential faults 

Drone Wind Power Asset Inspection

Wind asset inspections are vital to cost effectively maintain a viable working wind-powered energy system. Identifying faults and damaged wind assets early through regular drone inspections has been proven to prevent serious incidents and outages from occurring, which saves our customers huge repair costs and lost power generation time.

wind turbine inspection

With the unique ability of combining working at heights expertise, experience working on electrical assets and an extensive background within the renewable energy sector Motus Aerial Solutions provides multiple services to the wind industry

renewable energy drone inspection

Drone inspections of wind turbines and blades used to be a time consuming and dangerous job, by utilising remote piloted aircraft (RPA) we are able to minimise the time taken and reduce the hazards & risks associated with inspections.

While the data is being  collected by the RPA a low latency live stream, can be utilised to deliver real time inspection footage direct to your office and staff

Drone inspection

Once the capture is complete the data can be uploaded to:

  • A viewer where experts can complete a thorough analysis of the imagery

  • Produce a 3d model of the turbine / blade for inspection/marketing

  • The A.I cloud based system which then automates the identification of potential faults. the system then cross references the uploaded imagery against thousands of terabytes of data, flagging potential issues such as pinholes, separations, splits, damaged paint and leading edge erosion

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Digital imaging

Experience data capture in a whole new way 

Talk to us about how we can make this a reality while reducing costs and increasing safety

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