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Virtual Commercial Tours and Asset Inspection

 Virtual Asset Inspection

Virtual tours are not just limited to commercial real estate & advertising, they are the ideal way to track a commercial build or work site, monitor assets and maintain a high level of operational health and safety in the work place

Asset Management 

Current methods for recording defects and monitoring issues in commercial buildings, involve adding standard images to spreadsheet, with a brief description of the issues and their location. This is both time and resource intensive and is an approach that can lead to staff and inspectors missing important defects

The Motus solution allows staff to collaborate, inspect, measure and annotate a virtual area where all of the defects are clearly visible and can be searched and catalogued in a way to suit your business

Custom Features

Virtual Tours for Commercial Property


Dolls house view - digital twin of the area

Floor plan view - 2d top down view

Measurement tool 

Tag toggle - view tags or remove them from view

Commercial Asset Inspection


Search for a tag within the area

Colour code the tags


Move to a specific tag with ease

Map creation for commercial properties

Mini Map

Mini map based on your drawings or floor plans

Jump straight to an area of interest

We can incorporate a custom map detailing defect locations or add in your own floor plans and drawings, so that your naming systems are consistent across all of your asset management tools.

Construction Management 

Having the ability to track a project during the building and construction phase, gives site managers, architects and building managers/owners an opportunity like never before. Being able to reference a definitive point in time on a construction build and check plans, layouts and measurements where needed will ensure all trades are working to the correct specifications.

From Concept 
To Reality

In the current climate, global companies and teams working offshore are now able to collaborate and be a part of the final fit-out hand over. 


Virtual Evacuation Routes

Having contractors and personnel working within a building or structure can be tricky to manage as people can quite easily get lost or stuck in an area they are not suppose to be in. The Motus solution to this is to provide a digital virtual route that contractors/staff can access on their phone or device, that allows them to see where they are and the correct route back to the lift or access point.


Below is example of a virtual roof top evacuation route that can be used to find the fire escape in an emergency and also the elevator in a non emergency situation.

Anchor 1

Motus gives clients the ability to onboard staff/contractors in a safe and remote way that enables people to virtually experience high risk areas without being put at risk, this virtual experience is not only used for an induction but also as a learning and compliance tool that can be created in a bespoke way to suit clients needs and requirements, by adding links to documents, safety videos, or critical emergency information.

Virtual WH&S Induction Walk Through

The platform is ready to share on social media, embed in your website or EDM's. For the tech savvy it is also compatible with your VR headsets.

Aerial Virtual Tour

Aerial Virtual Tours are a fantastic way to show off your product from the air. 

Showcase your proximity to the neighbourhood or feature the latest images and videos right inside your tour.

Digital imaging

Introduce virtual reality into your work flow & operations

Talk to us about how we can make this happen for you and your business

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