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Marine Drone Services

Combining a range of marine qualified personnel as well as working at heights expertise plus training and assessor capabilities, Motus Imaging Solutions provides multiple services to the maritime industry including drone photography & videography, underwater photography & inspections and virtual tours for boats and yachts.

drone photography

Services Provided

Aerial Inspections of Boats

  • Inspect your prospective purchase in full sail prior to purchase

  • Use drone footage to plan regular maintenance of marine assets

  • Yacht and boat inspection for insurance and security purposes

  • Utilise drone mounted thermal cameras for water ingress and damaged decking

Drone photography, Aerial Inspections of Boats

Combine a drone aerial assessment with our underwater boat hull inspections click here to learn more

Sporting and social events, marine asset sales, product and promotional events, can be captured by drone mounted cameras or ground based imaging solutions 

Promotional Videos

Benefits of Motus Aerial Assessments

drone photography for boats

Maximise your marine asset surveys, by reaching inaccessible areas for inspection and analysis, with no risk to staff

We create a detailed 3D model of your marine asset, where you can examine the model from any angle, examine original flight data, measure areas or lengths and mark up and annotate 

drone inspection maritime

Maximise maintenance planning process; manage costs and prevent repeat visits due to incorrect maintenance planning and enabling selection of appropriately skilled staff and equipment for specific works condition

drone maritime photography
  • Schedule periodic follow-up assessment to analyse degradation over time

  • Using a high resolution a 180 x zoom camera or 4k video footage allow you to see even the smallest details 

Drone photography for maritime industry

Experience data capture in a whole new way 

Talk to us about how we can make this a reality while reducing costs and increasing safety

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