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maritime photography

Marketing, Media & Events


Drone based aerial photography and videography is now used extensively across the marketing, media and events sectors, for advertising and promotional purposes. The advent of social media has pushed the requirement for spectacular digital footage to a very high standard, requiring drone service providers to use high-end cameras and equipment for an outstanding result


At Motus Imaging Solutions, we utilise a wide range of camera equipment in order to fulfil diverse clients briefs to a high standard, in this sector. 

Drone imagery for marketing, media and events companies includes

Real estate drone photography
  • Sporting events videography and photography

Drone Photography for motor sports
  • Advertising footage of properties, products and events

Virtual Tour for Advertising
  • Live stream sporting events, or capture 4k video of the action as it unfolds 

Live Streaming Sporting Events
  • Footage over land and water; water access a specialty for Motus

Aerial Golf Course Tours by Drone
Aerial Promo Videos

Aerial Promotional Video

An Aerial Promotional Video (APV) is a great way to showcase property proximity to local natural & community amenities. It is the most elegant and effective method of showcasing that key attribute in all property sales, location

Aerial Promo Videos for Leisure Amenities
Aerial Tours of Leisure Amenities

Your APV will sit adjacent to the online image gallery as part of your listing. This important feature means potential buyers can both learn about each property and tour around its location, without navigating away from the listing

Visually, your listed property will be demarcated in the centre of the video, with the distance to each landmark calculated on screen

Get in touch to find out more about a bespoke Aerial Promotional Video for your business or offering

Drone photography

Experience data capture in a whole new way 

Talk to us about how we can make this a reality while reducing costs and increasing safety

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