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Land Based

Land based imagery solutions take on many forms, the team at Motus has a vast array of knowledge in all of these aspects. We are here to discover your idea or brief and deliver you outstanding imagery solutions

internal building inspection

Internal Inspections

The Motus internal inspection solution allows staff to collaborate, inspect, measure and annotate a virtual area where all of the defects are clearly visible and can be searched and catalogued in a way to suit your business.

virtual tour

Virtual Tours

Our 360° Virtual Tours give you the ability to display your property or office, visit your work site or view your asset without having to leave the comfort of your home or office.

boat virtual tour

Virtual Experiences

The virtual experience is a way of digitising your asset, business or offering that allows clients or potential customers to explore and get a real feel of things before they arrive in person.

Virtual tour

Services we

virtual escape route

Virtual Escape Routes

The Motus solution to is to provide a digital virtual route that contractors/staff can access on their phone or device, that allows them  to see where they are and the correct route back to the lift or access point.

virtual gym

Virtual Gym 

Giving clients the chance to explore your gym, before they arrive, helps to put them at ease, and learn about how your gym works and also the staff that will train them.

virtual tour for golf

Virtual Golf Course

Most golf clubs have animated views available for each hole on the course, but what if you could have a virtual reality experience of how to make Par on each hole?

The Motus "virtual hole" can deliver you and your players this unique experience, from the Tee to the Fairway, up to the Green and finally into the hole.

timelapse photography

TimeLapse Imagery

We provide various solutions to key industries including builders, construction, architects, government, infrastructure, real estate, telecom, transport, transport, education, health, roads, rail, and utilities.

Digital imaging

Videography Production

We can assist you in breathing life into your idea and can see where you want to be and help you create that perfect video project to get you there.

virtual shop

Virtual Shopping

The virtual experience we create for you is used to highlight your store's unique offering, giving potential customers a real sense of both your offering and your store atmosphere.

The virtual experience can link straight through to your website, connecting customers with a direct click to purchase.


Cost Effective

Digital imaging

Quality Service

Digital imaging

Innovative Solutions 

data capture photography

Experience data capture in a whole new way 

Talk to us about how we can help make this a reality

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