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Drone inspection


To facilitate the design and execution of client driven solutions, we have access to a wide and diverse fleet of UAS (unmanned aircraft systems) and various payloads, to accommodate even the most complicated situation.

We acknowledge that every client is unique, and work to provide bespoke solutions in consultation with our clients.

At Motus, we relish the challenge of finding new ways to service clients and meet their objectives and needs for drone aerial photography, videography, thermal imagery and more.

If you want to learn more about the differences between conventional inspection methods and drone inspections, then click here to download a free white paper.

Drone photography

Services we

Drone roof inspection

Roof Inspections

Having the right information about your roof is crucial when making a decision on maintenance, repair, or replacement.

Drone data can assist in reducing risks to personnel, create a more efficient work flow, reduce costs and deliver data that is useable and actionable.

Benefits include:

  • Defect identification & post remediation work inspection​s

  • Thermal cameras to identify potential leaks and water pooling

  • Analyse imagery to map and inspect your most valuable assets

  • The safest way to  inspect a roof 

  • Removes the need for high-risk contractors on-site

  • Live stream inspections

  • Optional detailed 3d models  or orthomosaic maps

Facade Inspections

Utilising drone technologies, capable of close visual inspections of facades; quickly detect defects such as damaged tiles, guttering issues, brick work, facade cracks, window lintel issues, panel gaps, missing bolts or corrosion.


We can achieve a detailed inspection with digital data, in a fraction of the time, which reduces costs, increases efficiency, while at the same time removing potential climbing hazards and risks. This data can be reviewed and checked via a live stream or on a secure cloud based platform that can be shared easily throughout your organisation

Drone facade inspection

Thermal Imaging

Drone mounted thermal cameras can be used for locating water ingress points in roof tops, damp patches in facades & walls, over heating circuitry on buildings and fault finding in solar panel systems, with this list only being limited to imagination and a temperature difference.

We offer solar inspection services to commercial and residential customers, having a drone survey of your residential solar system can provide valuable data to inform maintenance and upgrade decisions.


Aerial Surveys

Drone based surveys and footage can be used widely across the construction sector, from landscape and environmental analysis in the pre-build phase as well as project vs. delivery timeline analysis, through to construction project hand-off either to a buyer or to management agency.

drone survey exeter
construction monitoring

Construction Monitoring

Breaking ground to opening day, monitoring the progress of your construction project is critical to keeping investors informed, spotting potential problems, and staying on time and within budget.


Drone construction progress monitoring is an efficient and cost-effective way manage and deliver your project.

Aerial Virtual Tours

Aerial Virtual Tours are a fantastic way to show off your product from the air. 

Showcase your proximity to the neighbourhood or feature the latest images and videos right inside your tour.

The platform is ready to share on social media, embed in your website or EDM's. For the tech savvy it is also compatible with your VR headsets

virtual tour
drone multispectral imaging

Multispectral Imaging

Data collected from drone mounted multispectral cameras is now widely used for monitoring and predicting plant health, this data is used by green keepers, horticulturalists and arborists to aid in keeping parks, golf courses and wildlife areas looking their best and as healthy as possible

Aerial Promotional Videos

An Aerial Promotional Video (APV) is a great way to showcase property proximity to local natural & community amenities. It is the most elegant and effective method of showcasing that key attribute in all property sales, location

Your APV will sit adjacent to the online image gallery as part of your listing. This important feature means potential buyers can both learn about each property and tour around its location, without navigating away from the listing

Visually, your listed property will be demarcated in the centre of the video, with the distance to each landmark calculated on screen

Drone photography

Aerial Imaging

Drone based aerial photography and videography is now used extensively across the marketing, media and events sectors, for advertising and promotional purposes. The advent of social media has pushed the requirement for spectacular digital footage to a very high standard, requiring drone service providers to use high-end cameras and equipment for an outstanding result


At Motus Imaging Solutions, we utilise a wide range of camera equipment in order to fulfil diverse clients briefs to a high standard, in this sector. 

3D Modeling

Through the use of digital twins Motus has been able to streamline clients inspection work flow, by removing the need for physical high risk inspections of certain areas and assets.


Once an issue has been located on the digital twin, an exact position, defect measurement, and high res images can be sent through to the high risk works team for rectification works to be carried out

drone building inspection 3d modeling
drone inspection

Experience data capture in a whole new way 

Talk to us about how we can make this a reality while reducing costs and increasing safety

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