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ROV imaging


Motus Imaging provides ROVs (underwater drones) to assist with preliminary inspections that assess underwater structures for damage or corrosion,  evaluate the underwater environment for potential risks.

ROVs are portable, affordable and deliver useable data providing solutions to various underwater projects in a safe and cost effective manner.

Why Choose Motus Imaging

Cost saving

Avoid unnecessary down time of dive teams or drydocking

commercial divers

Easily inspect areas too small for divers

Underwater ROV

Easily perform full inspections with the portable ROV

submersible Rov Imaging

Sophisticated add-ons such as Thickness Gauge and Sonar

Mooring chain

Services we


Motus Imaging's highly advanced ROV Technology enables us to inspect ship hulls underwater in lieu of docking.

An ROV can provide far greater video than a divers helmet cam as our pilots control is less effected by current and surge. The steadiness of the ROV footage allows for clear definitive imagery. 

Boat hull inspection
Hull inspections ROV
water tank inspection

Tank Inspections

Motus Imaging ROV tank inspections exceed the 2012 standard by visually inspecting all internal components of the tank, which is why we are an industry leader when it comes to 'in-depth' water tank inspections. 

We can achieve intimate detail of the internal roof structure without confined space entry of personnel, and without the extreme cost this incurs.

Jetty, Docks,Weirs, Dams & Structures

Our experienced personnel have carried out infrastructure inspections & surveys using ROVs, assessing structures and associated tunnels and pipelines. For low light and poor visibility we employ HD cameras, custom lighting solutions and sonar technology to aid guidance and identification of structures and their condition.


Motus Imaging has been performing inspections of dams, weirs, reservoirs and submersible structures for many years this coupled with our extensive knowledge of waterways & water sources makes us the leading contender for Submersible civil asset inspections.

underwater inspection
submersible bridge inspection

Tunnels, Culverts & Bridges

Flooded and partially flooded tunnels pose significant difficulties when attempting to perform comprehensive condition assessment.

Motus Imaging utilises specialised equipment to allow access to previously inaccessible areas, or we are able to create a custom solution for your inspection capable of working through partially or flooded underwater tunnels. 

Mooring Chain Inspections

Mooring chain inspections are an important part of vessel maintenance and should not be missed, the Motus Imaging ROV system is capable of working in high stress environments and our skilled personnel are some of the industries most respected professionals.

We are able to locate damaged or degraded sections of mooring chains, and give you the imaging to assess the repair costs.

mooring chain inspection
Underwater drone inspection pipeline

Submersible Pipelines, Cables & Underwater Construction Support

There are thousands of miles of pipes and cables beneath our oceans, and water ways.

Commercial, legal and operational considerations demand that these remain in good order. This requirement creates a constant need to verify location, condition and burial status. Motus Imaging can provide pre and post Imagery for pipe and cable lay projects. 

Photography & Videography

Motus Imaging's highly advanced ROV utilises 8 vectored thrusters, in a  layout which allows omni movement in all directions. In any posture, the depth can be set, which can ensure the ROV to accurately hover to achieve any perspective while shooting, observing any angle of view. 

The inbuilt camera system boasts a 4K/12M pixel camera, 1/2.3 SONY CMOS, EIS stabilisation feature. 

Utilising the custom design & production side of Motus Imaging we have the ability add an array of external lighting & camera options, including 360° images and video.

Underwater photography
aquaculture services

Aquaculture Services

Motus Imaging provide ROV services to support the aquaculture industry, the use of ROV technology in aquaculture has proven a safer, more efficient and more cost effective means of production, inspection and maintenance.


Underwater photography

Introduce ROVs into your work flow & operations

Talk to us about how we can help streamline inspections, monitor site progress and save money and time

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