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Drone inspection

Submersible, Aerial & Land Based Digital Imaging Solutions

Motus Imaging Solutions provides the full range of digital imaging, specialising in drone inspections, drone photography & imagery, underwater photography, ROV imagery, virtual tours, ground based digital imaging solutions and 3D printing

Motus Imaging services a broad range of commercial industries, with-high risk industries, a particular specialty of ours.

Motus is a Civil Aviation Authority (United Kingdom) & Civil Aviation Safety Authority (Australia) approved company: holding the CAA General VLOS Certificate (GVC) and CASA Remote Operating Certificate (ReOC), allowing us to apply for specialist approvals, which permissions us to fly drones in both restricted areas/zones and high risk situations in both the UK and Australia, requiring proven specialist skills and knowledge. Motus has established work practices in line with CAA, CASA and Safe Work guidelines.

Drone photography

What We Do


Efficient, safe and cost effective imagery from our submersible ROV (underwater drone).

We inspect difficult areas with ease allowing you to analyse your assets condition down to millimetre detail all from the comfort of your desk.

Underwater inspection
Drone uilding inspection


Cutting edge aerial platforms (drones) and cameras collecting high resolution data, thermal imagery and much more.

Utilising drone data to inspect and monitor assets while minimising costs and reducing high risk activities.


Digital imaging solutions that focus on internal inspections utilising immersive 360° technology, that produce advanced 3D renderings used to manage your asset and monitor conditions.

Virtual tour
3D printer

Bespoke Design

We thrive on developing ways to meet each new job brief.


Motus has the ability to custom design & manufacture attachments or payloads to suit any of our sea, air or land platforms delivering outstanding results to clients.

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