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Drone Roof & Facade Inspections

Drone roof inspection

With traditional inspections currently restricted due to Covid, there has never been a better time to utilise drone technologies and aerial imaging

Motus Aerial Solutions

What can Motus do for you?

Utilising drone technologies, capable of close visual inspections of roofs and facades quickly detect defects such as:

Drone facade inspection

  • Damaged tiles

  • Guttering issues

  • Brick work Facade cracks

  • Expansion joint defects

  • Window lintel issues

  • Damp sections

  • Water ingress points

  • Damaged electrical equipment

  • damaged solar energy systems

Thermal Cameras provide even further insights when inspecting roof tops and facades

Our thermal imaging cameras are a powerful tool for conducting roof & facade inspections with the ability to detect leaks, spot missing windows, identify overheating electrical systems & monitor temperatures, which are often missed in traditional inspections

Motus Aerial Solutions

Drone Inspection vs. Traditional Inspections

A brief comparison of drone technology compared to the traditional methods

Drone roof inspection comparison
Motus Aerial Solutions

How we do what we do

Motus Aerial Solutions inspection drone and mobile office


  • Detailed imagery using cutting edge technologies

  • Analyse imagery to map and inspect your most valuable assets

  • Deliver full inspection report, identifying major issues

  • Supply thermal imagery, models & insights


  • Fast, economic and safe process to conduct inspections

  • Removes the need for high-risk contractors on-site

With ability to:

  • Live stream inspections

  • Provide detailed 2d or 3d models

  • Manage risk more effectively

  • Reduce costs

  • Transform your asset management and maintenance processes

Motus Aerial Solutions

A Motus Commercial Building Inspection

With the uncertainty of the roofs structural integrity, a drone inspection was able to provide insurance assessors highly detailed imagery which identified:

Commercial building drone inspection
  • Highly corroded roof vents

  • Debris sitting on the roof

  • Damaged roofing joints

  • Missing vent covers

  • Lifting fascia panels

  • Multiple missing bolts on roof panels

  • Five cracked windows

  • Three missing windows

This commercial drone roof inspection was completed with:

  • Reduction in inspection time taken by 85%

  • Reduction in costs by 66%

  • Reduced health and safety risks by 90%

  • Reduced planning and compliance by 80%

  • Minimal impact to the building roof

Motus Aerial Solutions

A Motus Residential Roof Inspection

Storm Damage Review

Drone residential roof inspection

A Full drone inspection revealed defects and produced an accurate 3d which showed:

  • 5 cracked tiles

  • Damaged gutter guard in 3 locations

  • Large amount of leaf litter build up in four locations




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May 24, 2022

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